Cycle of Support For Youth

The cycle of support for Jovem Sol youth starts in the preparation for entrance into High School, and continues during Higher Education and until they enter the job market.

9th Grade

Identification and selection

The youth application and selection phases for the Instituto Sol Support Program occur during 9th grade – this phase is conducted in partnership with the public school system.

High School

Five students will be selected annually, via the Institute’s selection process, who will receive full scholarships to first class high schools in São Paulo. They will also receive all necessary financial aid to support themselves and be able to dedicate themselves to their studies.

Preparatory Course for Higher Education Entrance Exams

The Jovem Sol youth may further prepare themselves for entrance into Higher Education with one of the best college prep courses, which has an admission rate of over 80%.

Higher Education

Jovem Sol youth will choose the university course they desire, at public or private schools (the Institute has partnerships for awarding of scholarships) according to Instituto's quality requirements.


Counselling, mentoring and networking

Jovem Sol youth will have at their disposal a network of people who will act as career counsellors, mentors, and networkers helping them build their professional trajectories.